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Shady River and Nature


Shady River's Wild Flowers

Spring 2012 Gallery

Arkansas calls itself the "Natural State". Our county, Randolph, is blessed with five different rivers and innumerable creeks.

Imagine these rivers tightly wound through the Ozark Mountains heading for the delta, and add the clean air and lack of noise pollution. Sunrise usually brings many white-tailed deer onto our pastures, often wandering in a silvery haze of early morning fog. We have seen as many as forty turkeys at one time, and twenty deer. Raccoons, squirrels, beavers, groundhogs, minks, coyotes, and armadillos abound.

The great blue herons are magnificent in every respect, and snowy white trumpeter swans are seen during their migratory season. There are pileated woodpeckers, tanagers, indigo buntings, white egrets, blue birds, swallows, finches, hawks, turkey vultures, kingfishers, bald eagles, an occasional oriole for a splash of orange, and many iridescent humming birds at our feeders. Since our county is the point where the Ozark Mountains meet the flat Mississippi Delta land, we have a lot more variety of plants and animals than can be found in strictly mountain or strictly delta counties.

The aquatic side of Nature is represented by the clean, natural state of the Eleven Point River. The river has a dominant influence on our farm and is a magnet for many animals that live in the region. It's also Arkansas' number one Walleye stream!

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Wild Flower Bloom Schedule
at Shady River

Some wild flowers we've
photographed at Shady River


Month(s) Blooms Appear

What's In Bloom at Shady River

March Old fashioned Jonquil, Forsythia, Verbena
April - May Trout Liliy, Verbena, Sweet William, Dogwood, Red Bud, May Apple , Bellwort, Trillium, Ox Eye Daisy, False Garlic, Crested Iris, Goat's Rue, Violet, Shooting Star
June Elderberry, Queen Anne's Lace, Water Hemlock, Solomon's Seal, False Solomon's Seal, Daylily, Butterfly Weed, Black-eyed Susan, Bee Balm (Monarda), Wild Rose, Ever-lasting Pea, Ohio Horsemint, Musk Thistle, Hairy Vetch, Spider Wort, Mullein, Indian Pink, Hoary Vervain, Moth Mullein, Trumpet Creeper, White Heath Aster, Leather Flower, Larkspur, Widow's Cross, Rattle Weed
July-August Verbena, Sunflower, Passion Flower, Spider Lily, Blackberry Lily, Dog Fennel, Arkansas Ironweed, Buttercup, Morning Glory, Floss Flower (Ageratum), Rose Mallow, Marsh Mallow, Smooth Petunia, Cardinal Flower


Some wild flowers we've photographed at Shady River
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Spring 2012 at Shady River
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Driveway into Shady River.

New dock for 2012.

Linda and the new baby!


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